Lisa Hickey has led teams of people at a Madison Avenue ad agency, a VC-backed start-up, an international media company, a lecture hall at MIT and a global movement fighting racism, sexism and homophobia. In this course she gives 7 counterintuitive ways to practice leadership---frameworks that anyone can use, regardless of current leadership level. Leadership is both an art and a science, a combination of creativity and measurement---and Lisa demonstrates how to combine those elements into tactics you can put into place immediately. 

“The Art and Science of Leadership” is one of those catchy titles that could be glossed over as marketing speak, right? “How to be a Leader” is kind of generic, so how do you create a title that is a little sexier, a little more creative, one that has a point of difference?

But for those of you who know me, I choose my words carefully, and I deliver what I say I’ll deliver. I don’t think you can lead without art. Art is anything you create that captures your own unique point of view. And if you don’t have your own unique point of view, can you really be a leader? If you don’t have your own unique point of view, then you are, sorry to say a follower. You may be a great follower—you may be a great manager, or someone who solves problems all day long, or can finish any project. But without your own vision, you are not a leader.

And that vision is art.

Science, of course, is a big buzzword today—but it shouldn’t be. Of all the things we take for granted, science should be one of them. Seth Godin wrote one of his brilliant blog posts, on what science actually means. In it he says:

“Science is a process. It’s not pretending it has the right answer, it merely has the best process to get closer to that right answer. Science is an ongoing argument, one where you show your work and make a prediction about what’s going to happen next.

And you’re not allowed to have magical faeries. Not allowed to change the explanation based on what just happened. You must begin again, from first principles, and make a new argument, and show new work, and make a better prediction.

And that, my friends, is leadership too.”

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Lisa Hickey
Lisa Hickey
Publisher of The Good Men Project Magazine and CEO of Good Men Media, Inc.

About the instructor

Lisa Hickey is CEO of Good Men Media, Inc. and Publisher of The Good Men Project, an online multi-media, cross-platform content site and conversation asking the question “What does it mean to be a good man in the 21st century?” The Good Men Project gets 3 million unique visitors a month and has been talked about by CNN, The Atlantic, The New York Observer, Newsweek, The Toronto Globe and Mail, The BBC, MSNBC, Sports Illustrated, Fox 25, and countless other mainstream media companies around the world.

Before launching The Good Men Project, the majority of Lisa’s career was in traditional advertising agencies, working, at various times, as an art director, copywriter, creative director and CEO. She has won a host of regional, national and international awards ranging from Cannes, MOMA, Clio, and The London Show for her work in advertising.

Most recently, Lisa spoke about platform building at InnovatePasadena, was a panelist discussing men and the media at the Better Man Conference, gave workshops about sexual violence prevention at Lafayette College, and was a keynote speaker at the Dad 2.0 Summit. Lisa has also spoken at a wide variety of colleges and universities including MIT’s Sloan School of Business, Boston University, Babson College, the New England School of Photography, Ithaca College and Lafayette College. She has taught classes at Emerson College and Mass College of Art (where she also gave a commencement address). She has given speeches and participatory workshops on the intersection of social media, publishing, and technology to ad agencies and law firms, as well as WGBH-TV, Bose Corporation, Mullen Advertising, The New England Provence of the Jesuits, and The Ad Club of Boston. She a frequent guest on podcasts, radio and television programs. She also performs at open mike comedy clubs and poetry slams. She is the author of three books and the mother of four children.


Previous Speaking Engagements Include:

Innovate Pasadena – “How to Create a Profitable Media Company and Online Platform.”

The Better Man Conference – “How the Portrayal of Men in the Media Affects Gender Equality.”

Lafayette College – “How to Make Consent Sexy!” And “From Catcalling to Yik Yak: How Harassment Happens”

Dad 2.0 – Keynote Speaker: “Men, Dads, and Create a Profitable Media Company through Community and Storytelling.”

The Good Men Project LIVE! Storytelling Event – “Finding My Voice: How a Tracheotomy and Temporary Paralysis Barely Slowed Down the Creation of a Media Business.”

Media Summit, New York  – “Viral Experiences & Social Media in Entertainment, Media and Advertising: Creativity and Monetization.”

Babson College MBA Program – “The New World of Advertising Ideas: Social Media and Guerilla Marketing.”

Ithaca College – “Media and Social Media: The New World of Journalism.”

MIT, Sloan School of Business – “The Creative Process behind Some of the World’s Best Advertising Campaigns.”

Emerson College – “The Intersection of Traditional PR and Social Media.” and “How to Use Social Media to Create Change.”

Southern New Hampshire University – “How to Effectively Handle a PR Crisis: The New Tools of the Trade.”

The Ad Club of Boston – “Better Brand Building Through Social Media.”

Mass College of Art, Certificate of Graphic Design Program – Commencement Address

Stand-Up Comedy performance – The Hong Kong Restaurant, Cambridge, MA

Slam Poetry Performances and Poetry Readings – Cantab Lounge, Cambridge MA; Lizard Lounge, Cambridge MA; The Blue Art Gallery, Cambridge MA; WeThreeProductions, New York City



“I invited Lisa to speak time and time again to my graduate level business and advertising class at Babson College because she brought new ideas, smart concepts, and kept the students riveted throughout her presentation.”
— Glenn Kelly, Adjunct Professor, Babson College

“Lisa Hickey was one of my company’s first storytelling in a New York City venue for The Good Men Project. She drew a wide audience. Her craft was evident, and she riveted the audience as she shaped her narrative to meet the topic and to blend her own story in a way that stood out as someone in charge of the performance, and a master in leadership through storytelling.”
–Ina Chadwick, MouseMuse Productions

“Lisa was such a big draw that 3 times we had to ask for a larger room.”
— Kathy Kiely, The Ad Club of Greater Boston

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